Its not what you wear,

It's why you wear what you wear.

Refresh & Restore

Increase daily energy, lose weight, decrease stress, sleep like a baby, detoxify the body, purify your skin while elevating the immune system. 

Welcome to the new age of Holistic medicine (derived from the Greek word holos meaning thorough) because our core belief is that the physical, emotional and spiritual states of each person are interrelated.

Offering convenience and flexibility. Sit or lie down for 30 minutes a day, three or four times a week, listening to music, reading a book or watching TV where ever you are.

With regular use, gives the wearer tremendous changes to wellness, regaining quality of life, combating the effects of daily stress and adds to the feeling of empowerment.

Ideal for when space is limited. Cost effective running costs. 

Revive & Recharge

Bathe your body in pleasant Far Infrared (FIR) heating rays, in the comfort and privacy of your home. 

Let the Pulsed Electromagnetic waves radiate thought your body, generating serotonin, reducing insomnia with added oxygen flow to release brain fog, giving your body a cellular recharge. 

Relax while the Photon therapy regenerates collagen and enhances the bodies detoxification process building and creating balance.

Envelop yourself with the pleasant warmth of a range of crystal gems harmonising and balancingthe mind while reducing stress.

Absorb the ancient healing proprieties of Ayurvedic medicinal herbs delivering the benefits through the skin in the fluffy healthy fabric towelling sleeve. 

Cutting Edge 

The Art and Science of SMART Immunity life vest's enhanced wearable technology, is poised to transform health caretherapy. As cutting edge health tech it features meshed wiring woven into the fabric, merged with the Ancient Sciences designed to make everyone's life better, delivering a combination of benefits not simply a gadget strapped to your wrist. 

SMART Immunity Life Vest's Hybrid 7 in 1 therapy intersects science and technology. It may sound like science fiction with futuristic functionality,but the future is here ahead of time. No longer is the latest technology reserved for astronauts.

SMART Immunity Life VESTS manufacturing processes is inspired by the past and is involved in creating ground breaking technological innovation with added features.

This is the new standard for the wearable technology revolution. SMART Immunity Life VESTS employs a carefully calibrated and beautiful brand that prioritises the global environment where form follows function. Ingeniousin design with health needs in mind. SMART immunity life vests offers quality innovation & sustainability seamlessly fitting into your lifestyle. Prevention is better than cure. 

7 in 1 

Each vest is packed with crushed & polished 100% Natural unpainted untreated crystals, 24 Red Light LED's 660 Nm , three Bio Magnetic Pulsed Frequency 1-30 Hz coils, & FIR Heating 30C - 70 C in this one powerful device. Press the individual therapy links below for further detail.  

PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY (PEMF) improves immunity elevating a wider range of health concerns.

FAR INFRARED THERAPY increases immunity leaving you rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.

NITRIC OXIDE (NO) determines how long you live & increases libido. 

NEGATIVE IONS THERAPY reduces insomnia & brain fog.

RED LIGHT THERAPY (RLT) detoxifies, increasing collagen production and wound recovery.

HOT CRYSTAL THERAPY harmonises and balance the mind reduces stress

AYURVASTRA penetrates the skin & strengthens immune system. 

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