This is my Story 

Bringing a product to market especially one as complex and cutting edge as SMART Immunity Life Vets, is not as simple as going along to Oxford Street. It involves Blood sweat and tears, endless legislation and protocols. 

In a previous life I hosted charity events to raise money and awareness for causes close to my heart like AIDS and landmine clearance. I am South African and lost many friends and family to AIDS. No one wanted to admit how their family or friends died due to the stigma attached.

On 1st December, International Aids day 2002, I held such an event in the name of Aids awareness in Johannesburg, Drum 4 Love 2002 with 2002 Djembe Drums from all over Africa. From village to village, till we filled our quota of drums. It was a fantastic day with poets, dancers, DJ’s and drummers on a spectacular stage. We lit 2002 floating candles for the deceased and put them on the 'lake of tears' in a tear-jerking candle ceremony. Many people confessed they had AIDS and many finally could  put their friends and family to rest by observing their genuine reason for their loss. 

It was my swan song as I left South Africa. I arrived in London and life was fine. I hosted a charity event on the Thames to clear Landmines in Africa influenced by Lady Di. Finally collectively we have succeeded as Mozambique is now landmine clear. 

Then in 2013 in a life-changing moment, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My sister and Aunt and many of my friends have died of cancer. As I heard the words, “You have cancer”, I asked myself what had I done with my life? If I would die tomorrow, which now seemed altogether plausible, what would be my legacy? All those unfulfilled dreams. Business plans, adverts and charity concerts. Carpe diem; I decided to seize the moment. Ironically, I started to live.

I threw caution to the wind and rented a whitewashed cottages perched on a cliff overlooking a sandy beach and rocky coastline 100 feet from the ocean, in the stunning village of Azenhas do Mar, Portugal, nestled by three castles. I was the only English-speaking person in the village. Eating well, swimming daily and I invested my time in writing that book I always wanted to write ; a science fiction fantasy. And so, my journey began. The Great Questions of Life the template for my book. (Yet to be released).

I remember that cold winter day back in London so well. I was in pain and I asked the doctors what to do. I was fobbed off pain getting worse. Without too much detail it was a messy affair. Huddled over my computer a menu popped up offering a holiday to Czech Republic to a health resort. This was just what the doctor ordered or hadn’t.

Synchronicity kicked in. Walking from one side of Gatwick Airport to the other was extreme difficult. My body didn’t want to listen. Finally, I arrived in one of the most gorgeous villages I have ever had the privilege of going to. Door to door health resorts. Karlovy Vary a spa town situated in western Bohemia on the confluence of the rivers Ohře and Teplá. It is the site of numerous hot springs (13 main springs, about 300 smaller springs, and the warm-water Teplá River). To cut a very long story short, I discovered technology that would have a profound effect on my life. Magnetic therapy and Far Infrared. After three weeks I bounced back to London full of life.

Memories came flooding back to me of when I was on a trip to India in 2007. I had discovered Ayurveda and Ayurvastra in a tiny village deep in the forests of Southern India. A most extraordinary experience. The journey to the farm took over four hours and my excitement when the gates opened to reveal a farm unlike any. Rows of herbs many not heard o fin the West. The cloth boiled in traditional medicinal herbs. How was this to be beneficial in my life now, I wondered? 

Back in London I asked the doctors several times for cutting edge immunology but was refused on the NHS. It was too late for me to go private. The cost out of my reach. They lost my tests, misquoted me constantly to the point that it was becoming ridiculous. I lost faith in the medical system and followed the path before me.

I started working on building my immune system. Using these technologies, eating the right foods and pharmaceutical drugs rather than 'slash, poison and burn'. I made the decision that if I am going to die, I rather die enjoying my life. I am still here six years later with cancer. I will one day choose a cure of my liking at the right time and place. 

This constitutes medical advice as I still have cancer. I do however believe that building the immune system increases quality of life (QOL). The SMART Immunity Life Vest should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment rather incorporated into your lifestyle. 

My mission is to create unique wearable technology clothing using high-quality products with the aim of enabling people to experience better health by wearing the vest. Space is limited in London it made sense. A product you could simply fold up out of the way.

SMART Immunity Life VESTS manufacturing processes is inspired by the past and involves adapting technological innovation. To make this product and to comply with our ethical business model, each step of the journey from farm and factory to front door is transparent. I have worked tirelessly for months with a small factory in China to perfect the prototype . At times we thought it would not be possible. As Far Infrared in the vest makes one sweat, using towelling as it absorbs perspiration quickly, imprignateg with Ayurvastra healing herbs made total sense in keeping with our focus on health needs. In the end we have succeeded. Ingenious, in detail, form follows function.

To fit with our sustainabilty ethos the vests are packed on a train in Yiwu trading center 300 km south of Shanghai. The silk roadtrack is 8000 miles passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Belgium, and finally through the Channel Tunnel between France and the UK to London end of the line Eurohub in Barking, East London. 

It is no mean feat to have 7 in 1 therapy intersecting science and technology. A carefully calibrated beautiful brand that prioritises the global environment’s sustainability. Innovation and quality based on the principles of restoring balance within the body and strengthening the immune system for your healthy future. 

Yours Lovingly 


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