Plug and Play 

The vest is easy to use. It works from the standard wall socket. The Set includes the Vest, Controller with automated EMF filter & Carry bag. You can carry this compact & portable healing vest with you on holiday or everywhere you go to relieve pains, heal, burn calories or to relax. 

A comfortable fit for men and women of all ages. Versatile, wrap it around your torso. The vest is 110 cm in length, long enough to cover all your upper body including the lower back & lumbar or simply lie on it like a mat embracing the warmth & coziness restoring health and wellness. 

Plug it in, hold the remote & control the heating power & time. Operate PEMF Pulsed Magnetic Fields & Red Light Photon functions simultaneously or separately. The combination of Pulsed Magnetic Therapy & 660 Nm Red Light Photon Bio-stimulation relieving tension & stiffness. Surrounding your body with the deep penetrating hot crystals FIR Rays and & Negative Ions ensuring immediate pain relief & strains elimination. 

Use it either for a short time around 15-30 minutes per day on high heat for pain relief or long-lasting wearing on low heat. The effectiveness is cumulative, meaning regular treatments will be more effective in producing lasting results. The most effective time is when relaxed and the body is naturally healing and re-establishing balance.

Caring for your vest


Simply wipe the vest shell clean. The vastra can be washed instructions below. 

Do not use while folded

Do not insert pins

Do not dry clean or wash

Dry out dampness after use.

During perspiration vest is safe to use.


Do not exceed 60 min use per day build up gradually

Sleep inducing; set duration to max of 1 hour

Excessive use of high temperature will cause:

Overheating and Dehydration and Possible fever, irritation and discomfort supervision advised

Alcohol increases the risk of overheating.

Do not allow vulnerable people to use unattended. Safe for children and the elderly. 

Antihistamines, barbiturates, beta-blockers and diuretics drugs can impair the ability to perspire and may cause dehydration.

It's important to turn it off before bed and before you leave the house. Never leave it turned on and unattended. 

The SMART Immunity Life Vest contains up to 21 layers. Embedded with pure natural gemstones when heated release far infrared rays, Nitric oxide and negative ions that penetrate deep into your body’s core. Bio Magnetic Pulsed Frequency 1-30 Hz & FIR Heating 30 C - 70 C Red Light 660 Nm. 


The controller enables PEMF and photon therapies, repeating 15-minute cyclesand 30-minute procedures each hour for up to 8 hours continuously. Seperate PEMF and RLT button on the controller.

The controller allows to select one of 12 PEMF programs or manually adjust magnetic pulsations between 1 and 30 times per second (Hz).

Temperature control to 70 C 

Heat-resistant and heat regulated 

Functions can be isolated or used together.


Size: 110 cm x 50 cm x 3 cm 

Weight: 5 kg; comes with a carrying case. 

LED Display Controller: Time and Temperature settings.EMF Protection: Advanced filtration system and extra EMF-blocking layers. 

Number of layers: Up to 21 functional layers

Materials: High-quality, nontoxic.

Tension and Muscle Relaxing Hot Stone Therapy

Calming Negative Ion Therapy, a range of up to 700/cc. Deep Penetrating Far Infrared Rays Therapy, a range of at least 5-14 um. Wellness Enhancing PEMF Therapy, 7.8 Hz frequency (operated independently). 

Product model:  Rainbow Vest ZK-ZB-001

Fabric: FLANNEL / WATERPROOF OXFORD on outer shell

DWR (durable water repellent) coated with polyurethane. PFC free 

Fabric: 100% Organic cotton towel sleeve. 

24 Red Light Red Photon LED

Three x Ultra-Low Frequency PEMF (Pulsed Magnetic Field) coils with 10 Hz frequency of pulsed magnetic waves

Seven types ofgemstones housed in Mesh fabric omit Far Infrared when heated


Rated voltage: 240V AC 

Rated power: 150W


About the vest 

The above photo shows you the rainbow vest reverse side without a sleeve on. Every vest is lovingly hand made with multiple suppliers in China and India. Transported by train to London from China reducing our carbon footprint. 

Every SMART immunity life vest comes with one Cotton Towelling sleeve.The outer vest is made out of WATERPROOF OXFORD material DWR (durable water repellent). It's a woven 100% polyester oxford fabric. It is not possible to use natural fibre at this stage. It's finished with a durable water repellent and then laminated with a thin black polyurethane coating on the back. It means it's waterproof on both sides and has crazy strong durability. 

The stones are housed in a mesh which must not be immersed in water but can tolerate perspiration. The stones must face towards the body. 

For the red light therapy you may choose to hang it up using a Northcore Wetsuit Slide Hanger made from 100% recycled ABS plastic. It can carry the weight of the vest and slides in easily along the top. Hang it up and enjoy a light shower. 

All our vests are hand made. The model available presently is pink with gold embroidery as seen below. 

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