Bringing a product to market especially one as complex and cutting edge as SMART Immunity Life Vets It involves Blood sweat and tears. My mission is to create unique wearable technology clothing using high-quality products with the aim of enabling people to experience better health by wearing the vest. Space is limited in London it made sense. A product you could simply fold up out of the way.

SMART Immunity Life VESTS manufacturing processes is inspired by the past and involves adapting technological innovation. To make this product and to comply with our ethical business model, I worked tirelessly for months with a small factory in China to perfect the prototype . 

To fit with our sustainabilty ethos the vests are packed on a train in Yiwu trading center 300 km south of Shanghai. The silk roadtrack is 8000 miles passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Belgium, and finally through the Channel Tunnel between France and the UK to London end of the line Eurohub in Barking, East London. 

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